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I've been on a bit of a hiatus dealing with the passing of my mother, aged 102.  I also just retired from my 32-year psychotherapy practice!   My creative energy has been taken up adjusting to the changes.  I deeply appreciate your support and ongoing interest since I began my solo career in 2010! 

Stay tuned for updates!


Past Events

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

ALL I KNOW: work-in-progress

Queering Dance Festival presents Frolic Online 

September 19, 2020 

I presented the video from last year's first Queering Dance Festival.  This piece explores the impact of doors (closed, locked and otherwise) in our lives.  The title reflects that all I knew in 1974 was that I loved her.  Because of that repressive time, it became a radical act to pursue this love by coming out as a lesbian.


SAFEhouse Digital Showcase

June 20, 2020

Solo Artist - original improvisational work

Station of the Main Altar

San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

Grace Cathedral

January 24, 2020


Mbongui Square Festival

Shawl Anderson Dance Center

December 21st and 22nd, 2019

ALL I KNOW: work-in-progress

Queering Dance Festival

Shawl Anderson Dance Center

September 2019

Solo Artist, Station of the Main Altar- presented original improvisational work 

San Francisco Movement Arts Festival and Dance Film Festival at Grace Cathedral

July 2019 

SPEAKING FROM THE BODY:  queer and not-so-queer stories in movement and spoken word

Presented by San Francisco International Arts Festival and Queer Arts Festival

Co-sponsored by the Wattis Foundation and the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture - Firehouse Theater

June 2019

Photos:  Lynne Fried

Collaboration at the Living Arts Museum

Jack London Square

May 2019

Hermit - a work in progress

Dance-A-Rama Festival

Western Sky Studio, Berkeley

May 2019

Solo Artist, Station of the Red Stone - presented original improvisational work 

San Francisco Movement Arts Festival at Grace Cathedral

 January 2019


Local Artists Showing: Salon

Shawl Anderson Dance Center

July 2018


 (How many will we go through in this life?)

with Jasprit Singh on sitar

   Oakland Dance Festival

Jack London Square

April 2018


May 2018

as part of

This Too Shall Pass: 49 Experiments with Impermanence 

 Cal State University, East Bay


My one-woman variety show of intimate storytelling in movement

and spoken word returns from a wildly successful run at the 

2017 Edinburgh, Scotland  Fringe Festival!

May 2018

also as part of

This Too Shall Pass: 49 Experiments with Impermanence

Cal State University, East Bay

LIFECYCLE - world premiere collaboration with Jasprit Singh on sitar

San Francisco Movement Arts Festival

Grace Cathedral - January 2018 

(click here for photos)


I returned to the 70th annual Edinburgh, Scotland Fringe Festival!!!
Nine daily shows from August 4 - 12, 2017,

including my tenth World Premiere, "Backward"

Greenside @ Nicolson Square 


Solo Artist, Station of the Moving Red Dress - presented original improvisational work in San Francisco Movement Arts Festival at Cathedral St. Mary's of the Assumption and Grace Cathedral

 January 2017


~ a new work-in-progress!

December 2016

SAFEhouse for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

as part of ANYTHING GOES: THE FIELD - group performance

The Field is a peer-to-peer forum for artists to share developing work and exchange feedback.


Why are we always pushing ourselves to go to the next thing?
Why do we torment ourselves to continuously go forward?
What happens if we stop?


~also shown:

November  2016

Studio Azul, Berkeley, CA 

The 38th Annual WORKS IN THE WORKS - a group show

presented by Choreographers' Performance Alliance




Intimate Sharing in Movement and Spoken Word


Three dance stories speak of a lost love reappearing in a new form,

a man with a secret that everyone knows but pretends not to, 

and the understanding that some things never leave.

presented at:

SPF9 (summer performance festival)

July 2016   

ODC Theater, Mott Studio

San Francisco, CA

SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts
Resident Artist Workshop (RAW) performances! 
1 Grove St. San Francisco, CA
Shows from 9/2015 - 5/2016

May 2016

They Never Really Leave

Do those we love never leave us?  Forty-year-old cassette tapes unexpectedly surface. The recorded voices are mine and a long lost college love's.  The phrase "long lost" is not only figurative but literal; that lover vanished in 1983.  She was never seen or heard from again. Until now.

    January 2016


presenting the world premiere of They Never Really Leave and a couple of 2014 Fringe Festival favorites, including Consistent Paradox!

September 2015

Consistent Paradox - a story about a man with a secret that everybody knows but pretends not to

Photo by Ava Kennedy

standingOUTstanding at the 2014 Edinburgh, Scotland Fringe Festival

standingOUTstanding is my eighth World Premiere in four years.  It features a blend of experimental postmodern dance and improvisation focusing on leading edge themes guaranteed to provoke, stimulate, entertain and captivate the audience’s attention.   The performance explores what happens when previously non-convergent parallel lives collide and merge into one.   There is also an examination of a life filled with consistent paradox.   

Summer 2014

My video was selected for historic preservation by the Fringe Performance Archive and is now conserved in the National Library of Scotland.



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Online video event plus Live Q&A

Sunday, October 19, 2014