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“Everybody Can Dance” workshops are for every body, regardless of age, size and shape, and physical abilities!!  Already dancing?   Try something new and have a good time at it!   Especially useful for those who wish to access their inner power, strength and determination for any aspect of life.

Experience the joy of dance in a safe, supportive and creative environment.  Learn to tune into your body.  Be assisted in finding your personal dance even if you don’t think you have one!  Ample opportunity for personal and group explorations.   It’s going to make you feel good!

"Thanks again for creating a fun, safe, and creative space."
-- Robyn D.

"I loved the last workshop! We all came, at whatever level we were at, and given the freedom and the nudging to move authentically. Everybody can dance word!"

-- Katja Rivera, actor and director

"The EBCD Workshop is an enlightening, relaxing and fun way to explore movement!!" -- Ann E. Maris, PhD

"It was very mind opening and felt so good in my body, as free expression. Thank you very much for letting us experience this treasure." -- Anonymous 

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